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1972 Barber Road / Sarasota, FL 34240

tel:  941-378-4411

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Pinecraft Scaffolding produces a complete line of Stair Tower products to be used in the construction field.  They give personnel access to buildings under construction, bridges, observation towers and most any job need of temporary stairs.


Stairs can also be used for access to work levels within a scaffold.  Either by erecting an additional tower along side the scaffold or placing the stair within the scaffold.


Two Stair Tower Packages are listed.


Listing of stairs and scaffold components include both the stair components and the scaffold parts needed.


The other listing is stair components only.  Use these packages when the scaffold equipment is already on hand.  If the scaffold tower is erected with open end frames, it is necessary to use the end guards for each intermediate unit.


When used as a free standing tower 20' and over in height it must be guyed or tied.  Order the tie in package when needed.